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The name Dirty Piano Player captures a side of my playing and history of performing perfectly. I've always been the type of player who adds funky lines and jazzy riffs to everything I play and especially in my own compositions. In my piano bar days I would always be bored playing what was on the page and added my own style to really bring the music to life. When busking on the street I enjoy using my looper pedal and layering different synth sounds together to create a unique sound. I try to present an original sound that you don't find anywhere else.

Many of my cover arrangements aim to capture the essence of the song but truly transcribe it for piano to utilize the instrument to its maximum potential. Nothing annoys me more than pop music written for piano - it is always two dimensional and loses what makes the song unique along with underutilizing the effects the piano can provide. I aim to put the groove into all of my arrangements and give the melody body that is always lacking in your typical pop transcription. Check out those covers and always feel free to let me know if there is something you would like me to cover or arrange for you!


My Dirty Piano Player production projects aim to marry my love of acoustic piano with modern EDM elements, synth sounds, and more experimental composition techniques. I believe that there is an audience that enjoys the elements of dubstep, house, and electro-soul that also want music that takes on more cinematic or even classical development. In the coming months I hope to put out some tracks that reflect this approach and look forward to hearing what you think about it. Stay tuned for more!

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