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Piano Keys


Unlock a symphony at your fingertips! With a classical upbringing, a passion for musical theater, and a night job as a piano bar pianist, let me help you achieve whatever your musical goals are on this wonderful instrument. My goal is always to create a fun, interactive curriculum to meet you where your interests are and become the performer you dream to be!

Sheet Music


Learn about the inner workings of music by diving into theory and compositional techniques at any level. Always keeping your goals in mind, explore application in classical, jazz, pop, musical theater, or even EDM for production purposes.

Man Playing Guitar


Having taught guitar class in the public schools and being a campfire guitar player myself, I can help you begin to access this popular instrument and understand how to learn, practice, and refine your technique. Classical guitar not available.

Microphone Sound Editing


Specializing in Ableton Live, explore the endless creative outlet this program offers for electronic producers and acoustic performers alike. Get into the basics of sound design, recording technique, and begin creating your own innovative sounds through understanding the world of Digital Audio Workshops. Dubbed the "Ambassador of EDM" by my alma mater, my passion lies in opening the world of electronic production to acoustic and classically trained musicians, as well as connecting with music lovers who's passion doesn't involve playing a live instrument. 



My favorite backpacking and camping instrument, ukulele is easily accessible for all ages and is especially good for small young hands. This instrument has found wide recognition lately due to its accessibility, pleasing sound, and available resources. Put a smile on your face and others' by getting started with this instrument today!

Lessons are both virtual (via Skype) or if locally, in person. Please contact me for more information

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